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Reviews of Graeme Koehne | Australian composer and music educator


“One of Australia’s most intriguing postmodern voices.”

Mark Swed
LA Times

“While Richard Mills and Matthew Hindson have delved into this area with occasionally spectacular results, Graeme Koehne has led the way and found greatest success, not by a crass selling out to popularism but by integrating popular sounds with classical forms and techniques.”

Graham Strahie
The Adelaide Review

“A clever and entertaining piece… Sophistication of technique, mastery of orchestration, nostalgia and genuine affection – all play their part in Koehne’s tribute [to 60’s commercial composers].”

Richard Dyer
Boston Globe

“Clever… sensational… ’Simply beautiful’, ‘magnificient’, and ‘superb’ were accolades freely offered by the New York audience …”

Rodney Smith
The Advertiser